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Lets find your dream yacht...


Meridian is a dealer for a number of new boat lines.


Including the the new Secret Cove and Silhouette luxury yachts. Tasar, Pirate, & Rondar racing sailing dinghies, as well as OceanAire Yachts luxury sedans and the new Wave Piercer catamaran collection.

Meridian is very pleased to be named exclusive dealer in British Columbia for the Doral line of yachts. Over the past 30 years Doral has established itself as one of the premier boat manufacturers in Canada, if you have not viewed the impressive Doral line of cruising yachts and sport boats, you are in for a real treat. Click Here

Meridian is Western Canada's exclusive dealer for Bruckmann Yachts. Bruckmann is one the most respected builders of custom and semi-custom yachts in North America, as the Bruckmann family has been building quality sail and Motor yachts for over forty years. Click Here


Meridian is pleased to introduce Etap Yachts to Canada and the Pacific Northwest. Etap has been building the world's only Certified unsinkable sailing yacht for over 30 years. Click Here to visit Meridian's Etap Gallery.

Click on the Pictures below or one of the buttons on the left to explore each line of new yachts.

Silhouette Secret Cove Wavepiercers Ocean Aire


Bruckmann Dinghies Etap


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